Refund Policy

We do not start work on any of our product or services without receiving full payment on your chosen package.

The only exception is if you select any 3 of our Custom Animation Package in which you will be given an option to pay 50% deposit upfront and the remainder 50% when the video is complete.

We only offer full refunds if no work has been started after getting the go-ahead from yourself to start the work.

When we have had the go-ahead from you to begin work, and then you inform us via email: that you do not want us to continue with the work, we will evaluate what work has been completed at that point in time and issue a refund after deducting money which we had put in the project.

If you wishes to cancel a work order at any time then you may do so, however the refund policy (explained above) will apply.

Because we produce digital products, it is not possible to offer product exchanges of any kind.


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