What are cookies?
When you browse a website, the server asks your browser if you will accept one or more small text files called cookies. The text in the file aids the server keep track of which requests come from which user. Websites have been using cookies to improve your online experience for years.

Why we use cookies?
Cookies are used to keep a trace of visitor numbers and patterns of visitor activity on our site. We at wizard web video also use Cookies to keep track of your current shopping session to personalise your experience and so that you may retrieve your shopping basket at any time.

Is my privacy affected?
We do not assign any identifying or personal information to the cookie, and do not allow any third parties access to the cookies.

Do I have to accept cookies?
Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you may be able to modify your browser settings to decline cookies. Please note that if you decline or delete these cookies, some parts of the Site may not work properly.

Which cookies do we use?
We use two types of cookies: a server session cookie and Google Analytics cookies.

Server Session Cookies
The session cookie allows our server to keep track of page requests and the number of visitors currently accessing the site. This helps it to assign resources to the site.

Google Analytics Cookies
The Google Analytics cookies provide us with unidentified collective data about visitor usage patterns on our site.

Customers who use our online services
For convenience, we do have an online contact form that allows customers to enquire about our services. This information is sent to us via email and is not stored on our site through cookies. We will not give your contact information to any other organisation.

Visitors also have the option of signing up for our free e-book, promotional offers and our monthly e-newsletter through our website, in which case their contact details are added to our email database with a well-known email provider. We do not pass along these details to any other organisation.

Our website may include links to other websites which are outside our control and will not be protected by this policy. Please check these third-party websites for more information about their cookies and how to manage them.

For further information about ‘cookies’ please visit

Changes to our Cookies Policy
If we choose to change our Cookies Policy, we will update those changes on this page, and/or revise the Cookies Policy modification date below.

This policy was last modified in January 2016


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